The concept of Amazing Jewelry is developed by one of former co-founders of Pandora Central Western Europe, part of the Pandora group, Jesper Nielsen, who has been one of the most influential people in the jewelry business world over the past 16 years, generating billions of dollars in revenue.


We are family- we believe in involvement in society, which means to pay attention on what’s happening around us. Our driver is the idea of supporting each other, transforming peoples’ life in a better one.

Quality – because each item is carefully finished and is made of quality materials.

Dynamism- because we quickly see the trends on the market and meet the expectations; collections are renewed at very short periods, so anytime you can find new models in the store

Non conformism –because we do not believe in patterns, because every woman is unique, with her own dreams and experiences. With their irresistible design, jewels are extremely versatile and can be worn in creative mixes.


Amazing Products

Made of Sterling Silver and 18 K Rose or Gold Plate or made of Gold 14 and 18 K, with freshwater pearls, cubic zirconia or precious stones, even diamonds, AMAZING products are carefully finished, with a trendy and young design.

They are also conceived in order to be mixed up in a customised and original manner.

Thousands of classy, trendy, unique, vintage and beautiful designs made of sterling silver and gold! With new items arriving in the stores twice a month, customers will always be surprised by the fresh selection of items.


AMAZING stores are cool, club-like, fun and fresh inspired by the latest trends in store designs, night clubs and lounges. The Amazing Crew is always ready to help out and give their own views and always strive to have new designs and collections on the shelves.

AMAZING Jewelry Worldwide

AMAZING Jewelry opened its first store in Copenhagen in 2016.

Master Franchise in:

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, France, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Malta, Romania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, India, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Romania, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Cote D ́Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Saudi Arabian, Egypt, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama. China incl Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

We offer the opportunity to participate in this unique concept. Stores are about to be launched in Texas. This is the perfect time to invest in a franchise license for Amazing Jewelry. If you are interested in this AMAZING opportunity, please do contact us:


  Tel: 512-296-2962

Dare to be AMAZING!



  Visit Amazing Jewelry store at The Domain




  Monday to Sunday, 10 AM- 9PM



  11401 Century Oaks Terrace Suite #103 Austin, TX 78758